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A Primitive Future’ is a musical project by Belgian artist Jonas Wouters. With a rich history in DJing and producing minimal and tech house during the vibrant 2000s Belgian club and party scene, Jonas felt the urge to embark on a new journey and find new ways to express himself sonically. 

Through a fusion of shadowy beats, electronica, lofi and hip-hop, Wouters started to craft an atmosphere that invites listeners to explore the crossing of past and future sounds. Influenced by luminaries such as DJ Krush, Samiyam, Flying Lotus, and J Dilla, Jonas’s musical evolution led to a profound appreciation for electronic genres beyond the traditional ‘4 to the floor’ rhythm. This is how A Primitive Future saw the light. The 2022 project came with the birth of it’s own imprint ‘Scarce Nutrients’, focussing on online distribution and promotion of Jonas’ electronic music.


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Home Of Alternative Hip-Hop Inspired Music